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Graphic design

Start-up company

T-shirt & gadgets illustrations for a new start-up company.
Freehand and Illustrator.

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For this new start-up company I was chosen to illustrate a new brand of t-shirts & gadgets.
I have been asked to invent a new way of illustrating the faces and quotations of great authors of the 1900s. For this line I chose to be inspired by Kandinsky and use a colorful and geometric style.
The customer was very satisfied with the result 🙂

Truffle chips
Urbani Truffles

Truffle chips packaging for Urbani Truffles.
Made with Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Urbani Truffles is a world leader in the truffle market and has recently landed in Thailand.
For his new line of chips they asked me to create a packaging suitable for the Asian market and so I imagined a numbered series of packs that would make the product particular and easily recognizable.
On supermarket shelves the number on the packaging is immediately visible even after a few meters. Same thing for the checkered strip that makes the product even more unique.
In addition to having different photos, each envelope also has characteristic colors that differentiate them from the others of the same line.

Ads campaign
Maggiore car rental

Advertising campaign project and production for Maggiore car rental in Italy.
Made with Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Maggiore is one of the most important car rental agency in Italy.
For their new advertising campaign “Traveling without borders”, the client asked me to find an elegant way of representing this concept.
After much searching for images that I thought were suitable for their campaign, I presented him with 30 drafts of which 3 were finally chosen.
After this I had to decline these images for all possible media: press, TV and web.
The campaign brought a 9% rental increase to the customer.