Motion design

Eureka Street
intro animation

Motion animation for Rainews24.
Made with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Short animation for Eureka Street – La via dei libri show on Rainews 24 tv Channel using Adobe  After effects and Cinema 4D.
As you can see I love a minimal and clean design with a piece of engaging music.

CodersTrust Academy
video presentation

Motion animation for Coderstrust Academy.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

I made this animation for Coderstrust Academy using Adobe Illustrator, After effects and Audition.
They asked me to realize a short video animation with cartoon characters style to present their e-learning division.

I proposed to use funny characters and optimistic tones to recreate the atmosphere that the boys of the academy can convey.
After the storyboard was approved, I concentrated on the rhythm to make the video fast and not boring.
The result, after small corrections, is liked and will soon appear on their website and various social media.

Happy Holidays 2018
Rainews24 spot

Happy Holydays 2018 spot for Rainews24 italian tv channel.
Made with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

The management of Rainews asked me to prepare a short animation for the end of year greetings and to do it I wanted to use a minimalist style that has become increasingly fashionable lately.
In particular, I enjoyed using the lowpoly style. In animations, as in all the rest of the graphics, I like to use a clean style so lowpoly is perfect for me.
So I created a small world of snow and ice, with houses and candy canes, snowmen and Christmas lights.
Rainews is a news channel and presenting the land graphically is always effective for representing this type of media.
The right music, the fireworks and the animated writing in After Effect completed the work.

Nel Mondo
Rassegna Stampa

Intro for International press review tv show.
Made with After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and Final Cut.

The Rassegna Stampa is a tv show in which a journalist comments  news written in international newspapers (such as the Washington Post or El Pais).
For Rainews24 I prepared a minimal style intro with the headlines of the most famous international newspapers that are composed in 3D and disappear in the background formed by “news containers” boxes.
For the headlines I chose to use gold to indicate its prestige.

T-Bros logo
intro animation

T-Bros logo and intro animation making.
Made with Cinema 4D, Illustrator and After Effects.

Thema Bros video production (aka T-Bros) is a studio founded by two brothers who creates professional video and photo books for any event.
For them I created a web 2.0 style logo which I then animated with Cinema 4D to create a small intro of their videos.

FUtbol intro

Intro for Futbol tv show during the World Cup 2014.
Made with Cinema 4D.

Futbol was a TV show that aired during the Brazil World Cup in 2014.
I created an intro in which the official football of the world cup flies creating a virtual football field in which, at the end of the video, the title of the TV show appears.
For the intro I chose to use the typical colors of the Brazilian flag and fast-paced music that suited the movements of the video objects well.

Mai più shoa
intro animation

Intro for Shoa special program on the occasion of the 70th year from the Holocaust.
Made with After Effects and Illustrator.

For this animation I chose to use a slightly comic-style noir style with photos and freehand drawings. For this intro I chose to use a strong contrast between the gray tones and the red in the background to express the concept of alarm … so that everything that happened with the Holocaust will never happen again. At the end of the animation, the Auschwitz gate is canceled as if to symbolize a clean cut with the past.