Web & UX Design

studio legale panetti
brand & website

Law Firm Panetti brand & website project and production
Made with Illustrator, WordPress and Divi.


The customer wanted a website where all the information was contained on one page.
I therefore decided to lay it out so that the user experience was as easy as possible.
At the top I have entered the most important information that identifies the law firm such as the mission and the services.
In the second part I inserted the areas of expertise of the study in toggle modules that can be opened with a click in order to make the site more compact giving the user the possibility to read only the information of interest.
In the third part I entered the profile of the professionals and in the fourth the contact form and the google map to reach the office.
The whole site is responsive and easily navigable from all devices.


Truffleat website UX project and production.
Made with Wireframe, Photoshop, WordPress and Elementor Pro.


Truffleat deals with importing and exporting food from Italy and exporting all over the world. Among the activities there are also the production of food products especially flavored with high quality truffles. As the name of the company expresses, Truffleat means Truffle your dish or eat the Truffle.

For his website, the customer wanted a site that immediately highlighted the most important information: the mission and a link to the contact page.
I chose to put the text of who we are on the home page and then immediately insert a link under the contact form for online orders. This is because Truffleat also specializes in the sale of fresh truffles.

The customer also wanted a blog part where to insert recipes of dishes based on truffles where the photos had the most important part.

Obviously the site is completely responsive to be able to be viewed on all devices


Idioroma website UX project and production.
Made with Wireframe, Invision, WordPress and Divi Theme.


Idioroma is a private language school and other professions such as Coding, Painting and web design.
For his site, the client wanted a very dynamic approach to insert new offers, timetables and new types of courses every week.
On the home page I inserted a slide with the most important activities and immediately below the buttons with links to weekly or monthly news. In the second part there is a list of all the activities and a banner for the offers with the timetable of the annual courses.

For the colors I chose a wide range ranging from green to orange when their logo is very colorful.


Wikiloc app UX project and design.
Made with Wireframe, Invision, Photoshop and Illustrator.


With Wikiloc app you can find the ideal trail for your next activity with filters such as mileage, elevation gain or also narrowing it down to the one that interests you with the map. I was involved in the app UX design project, making sketches, icons and prototyping.